Best spot and tourist attraction in Magelang, Central Java

Magelang is a district hub located in the border of Jawa Tengah (Central Java) province and Yogyakarta. This is the city known for the cool air and fresh temperature, within a lot of trees and aesthetic vegetations. 
There's no traffic jam in Magelang, which chosen as the place for study and recreations. Some of public educational buildings build in this city, including well known military school Akademi Militer (TNI-AD) and SMA Taruna Nusantara, a famous private owned boarding high school.
Magelang is also a favourite tourist destination place from regional to international level, including the famous Borobudur temple. It's also known as favourite place for culinary and hiking, some of the spot:

Complex of Borobudur Temple
Known as The biggest and largest temple in South East Asia, it has a magnet potential for national and international tourism destination. The Budha's temple located in Magelang district, nearby Magelang city (within an hour traveling by bus or car). There's also  arung jeram Citra Elo (rafting spot) nearby this area. Best hotels and places to stay in this area:
Hotel Amanjiwo Magelang
(known as the favourite hiding place of David and Victoria Beckham, Mark Zuckerberg and other world's famous celebrities)
published price Rp. 12.000.000/night, discounted price Rp. 10.000.000/night
Hotel Manohara Borobudur, published price Rp. 800.000/night, discounted price Rp. 750.000/night
Hotel Saraswati Boutique Borobudur, published price Rp. Rp. 850.000/night, discounted price Rp. 825.000/night
Hotel Villa Borobudurpublished price Rp. 5.200.000/night, discounted price Rp.4.750.000/night
Hotel Plataran Borobudur Resort and Spa, published price Rp. 2.000.000/night, discounted price Rp. 1.800.000/night
Hotel Mesastila Resort Magelangpublished price Rp. 3.000.000/malam, discounted price Rp. 2.375.000/night

What's in Magelang?

In the city center of Magelang, there is a square (alun-alun) and a grand mosque (Masjid Raya Magelang), Gardena and Matahari shopping centre, and chinatown (Pecinan). Besides, there's also a Giant shopping mall named: "Artos", or "Armada Town Square", build by the biggest and the largest assembling service company in Indonesia, New Armada. 

Fun Activities
Tidar Valley, located inside "Akademi Militer" (Akmil) military complex, it's a famous place for hiking and tracking. Enjoy the fresh  air and see a lot of conserved trees and birds there.
Like golf? Then you come to the right place. Enjoy your golf experience in Borobudur International Golf and Country Club, located in Jl. Gatot Soebroto No 1 Magelang

Magelangan and Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice). Magelangan is a mix of fried rice and fried noodle. The famous one is: "Magelangan and Nasi goreng Pak Broto", located in Noyoditan, Pirikan (nearby SMA Taruna Nusantara).
Kupat Tahu pak Pangat (Pak Pangat's mixed tofu) located in Jl Senopati, or Kupat Tahu Blabak (Blabak's mixed tofu) located near New Armada building. Ingredients consist of minch of tofu mixed with traditional sauce made from bean (sambal kacang). 
Ayam Goreng Ninit (Ninit's fried chicken), located in Chinatown district. Fried chicken with wrapped with delicious flour.
Es Eny (Eny's Ice), located near Chinatown (Pecinan), and Depot Es Semanggi (Semanggi Ice Depot), offer variety of ice drinks, located in Jl. Semanggi.

Hotels in Magelang City:
Hotel Puri Asri (4 star), published price Rp. 750.000/night, discounted price Rp. 499.000/night
Hotel Sriti (3 star), published price Rp. 495.000/night, discounted price Rp. 425.000/night
Hotel Oxalis Regency Magelang (3 star), published price Rp. 750.000/night, discounted price Rp. 675.000/night