Cheapest and Discounted Hotels in Medan

Some of interesting attractions to visit in the city of Medan, like:
 Besides Lake Toba on the island of Samosir, there are also many other interesting attractions in Medan city such as: the palace of the Maimoon Sultanage, Deli, Medan, Great Mosque built in Sultan Ma'mun Al Rashid's era located at Jl.Sisingamangaraja, Lake Linting in Deli Serdang, Tongging Waterfall, Mount King in Sibayak, Acid crocodile breeding beetles, as well as the famous port of Belawan.

Tourists can also visit to the Rahmad's Gallery (Rahmad's museum field) which contains various types of animals in preserved, along with Kampung Keling or Kampung Madras inhabited by many Indians, Ponds and waterfalls Sibolangit, where orangutans located at Leuser Park, famous forest Tangkahan with many elephants, old house of Tjong Afie, Lake Lau Kawar, Snow high heat Simelungun king in the district, and Mickey Holiday or dufan ala Medan.

List of cheapest hotels in Medan, price in rupiah per day :
Hotel Syariah AcehHouse Murni Price Rp. 225.000/day, our price Rp. 215.000/day 
Hotel Garuda Chitra Rp. 250.000/day, our price Rp. 215.000/day
Hotel Syariah Grand Jamee 220.000, Hotel Kesawan 225.000, Wisma Sederhana Medan 230.000, Cherry Red Hotel 230.000, Citi Inn Palang Merah 245.000, Rindu Alam Hotel 245.000, HI Days Inn 255.000, Roemah Musi 255.000, Cherry Green Hotel 255.000, Alpha Inn Medan 270.000, Griya Hotel Medan 275.000, Medan Ville Hotel 275.000, Hotel Citi International Sun Yat Sen 285.000, Grand Sakura Hotel 300.000, Jangga House Bed and Breakfast 300.000, Hotel Syariah Aceh House Gajahmada 300.000, The Palace Inn 300.000, Grand Darussalam Syariah Hotel 300.000.

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