Hotel in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia

Bengkulu is one of province in Indonesia, located on the southwest coast of Sumatra island, with border the province of West Sumatra (Padang), Jambi, South Sumatra (Palembang) and Lampung. Enggano island also located in this province. The capital of Bengkulu, was once the site of a British garrison called Bencoolen. Tourism activities which can be done in Bengkulu is surfing, trekking and diving.
  • Try exploring Enggano, in which there is Long Beach, which always looks beautiful beaches during the day and night. Largest shopping center in Bengkulu is BIM, which stands for: "Bengkulu Indah Mall".
  • Typical of most delicious food in Bengkulu is durian, try also Tempoyak, foods made from preserved Durian meat, perfect eaten with rice and fish.
Historical sites in Bengkulu:
  • Fort Marlborough, the second largest fort built by British EIC in Asia. This fort was built in the early 19th century. The fortress is well preserved and contains a museum inside. You also can see the sunset from this place.
  • Thomas Parr Monument, located near Fort Marlborough. It is a monument erected to commemorate Thomas Parr, a British governor who was killed by a local.
  • Hamilton Monument, a monument commemorating the British commander who was killed during the war.
  • British Cemetery, England cemetery during 17-19 century. There are still fifty tombstones pale.
  • Sukarno House, Indonesian first president who exiled to Bengkulu Indonesia by the Dutch in the 1930s. The house still stands and can be visited at Jl.Soekarno. You can see the old books, old costumes, and old bicycles used by him during exile.
  • Fatmawati House, an old house of Soekarno's wife.
  • Fort York, an old British fort. Unline Fort Marlborough  (not many left).

Hotel in Bengkulu:
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