Cheapest and Discounted Hotels in Padang West Sumatra

Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra province, bordered by North Sumatra, Bengkulu, Jambi and Riau. Padang is a famous trading city around the world. 
Shopping and culinary are some of the favorite tourist activities to do in this city. Padang food is one of food lovers' favorite, especially for the spicy lovers. 
Many well-known Padang restaurants serves around world offers a spicy diet (even in New York we can still find Padang restaurant), mostly use coconut milk as the main core concoction. 
Craft souvenir from Padang such as cloth weaving, silver, ironwood carvings and ceramics can all be found in the Imam Bonjol road. Most of the tourist attractions in the city of Padang are within walking distance. If you need a break, there are metered taxis available, or with hansom horse-drawn carts for romantic option. The city is also served by local buses and minibuses.

Bukittinggi City
Bukittinggi City located on the north side of Padang, at lembah Agam (Agam Valley), Bukittinggi city is one of tourist destination in West Sumatra. It's located within the distance 71km away from Padang, about two hours drive by car. Bukittinggi has a cold and warm temperature, due to the location up in the hilly area. 

Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Canyon)
Ngarai Sianok located on the border side of Bukittinggi. The canyon has beautiful scenery, especially in the morning when the sun light infiltrate through fog between Mount Singgalang as background.

Jam Gadang (The Big Clock)
This 26 meter clock was built in 1826 as a gift from the Queen of Dutch to Rook Maker, the city representative at moment.

Japan Bunker.
This bunker was built during Japan invasion (1942 to 1945), with 1.470 meters length, located 40 meters on the ground of Sianok Canyon.

Places to stay
There's a lot of option for place to stay in West Sumatera, from budget hotel for backpackers to international hotels: 
Hotel Mitra Arena Bukittinggi, price Rp. 250.000, our price 200.000/night
Hotel Wisma Mutiara Padang, price Rp. 250.000, our price 250.000/night
Hotel Ambun Suri Bukittinggi, price Rp. 325.000, our discounted price 300.000/night
Hotel D'Dhave Padang, price Rp. 350.000, our discounted price 325.000/night
Hotel Dymens Padang, price Rp. 600.000, our discounted price 325.000/night
Hotel Nikita Palace Bukittinggi, price Rp. 350.000, our price Rp. 325.000/night
Hotel Parai View Bukittinggi, price Rp. 450.000 our discounted price Rp. 350.000/night
Hotel Flaminggo Padang Panjang, price Rp. 375.000, our price Rp. 350.000/night
Hotel Bunda Padang, price Rp. 400.000, our price 375.000/night

Favorite Hotels in West Sumatera:
Hotel Aloita Resort and Spa pulau Mentawai, price Rp. 4.000.000, our discounted price 3.750.000/night
Aie Angek Cottage padang panjang, price Rp. 1.200.000, our price 1.000.000/night
Hotel Grand Rocky Bukittinggiprice Rp. 1.100.000, our price 900.000/night
The Hills Bukittinggi, dulu dikenal dengan Novotel Bukittinggi, price Rp. 900.000, our discounted price Rp. 700.000/night
Hotel Mercure Padangprice Rp. 900.000, our price 700.000/night
Inna Muara Padangprice Rp. 750.000, our price 700.000/night
Rumah Nenek Padangprice Rp. 750.000, our price 700.000/night
Pangeran Beach Hotel Padangprice Rp. 700.000, our price 650.000/night
Pusako Hotel Bukittinggi, price Rp. 850.000, our discounted price 650.000/night
Savali Hotel Padang, price Rp. 750.000, our discounted price 550.000/night
Rocky Plaza Hotel Padang, price Rp. 600.000, our price 550.000/night
Ambacang Hotel Padang, price Rp. 600.000, our price 500.000/night
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