Cheapest and Discounted Hotel in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Province, Indonesia

Tanjung Pinang is the second largest city in the province of Riau after Batam, an island where Indonesia and Melayu (Riau) culture blended with a distinctive touch. Tourists visiting Tanjung Pinang can find almost all kinds of tourist attractions, enjoy a delicious culinary called : 'Gonggong', tracing the history of the Melayu-Riau kingdom, explore the banks of the beautiful beaches, and do the bargain, visiting or shopping for branded items at affordable prices at Jalan 'Potong Lembu'. Pulau Penyengat is one of the special tourist island in Tanjung Pinang. 

Here is the list of the cheapest hotels in Tanjung Pinang: 

Sentra Hotel 98 Tanjungpinang Rp. 150.000/day, our discounted price Rp. 125.000/day
Hotel Panorama Tanjung pinang Rp. 250.000/day, our discounted price 225.000/day
Hotel Halim Tanjung Pinang Rp. 300.000/day, our discounted price 225.000/day
Hotel Sampurna Jaya Bintan Rp. 300.000/day, our discounted price 250.000/day
ShangriLa Hotel Bintan Rp. 400.000/day, our discounted price Rp. 250.000/day
Ocean Bay Resort Lagoi 275.000/dayPelangi Hotel Resort Tanjung Pinang 275.000/dayPlaza Hotel Tanjung Pinang 350.000/day, Laguna Hotel Tanjung Pinang Rp. 400.000/day, Comfort Hotel and Resort Tanjung Pinang 400.000/daySerumpun Padi Emas Resort Tanjung Pinang 400.000/hari, Kaputra Hotel 450.000/day, Bintan Prima Resort 550.000/day
Marjoly Beach Resort Tanjung Pinang Rp. 750.000/day, our price Rp. 600.000/day
Aston Hotel & Resort Tanjung Pinang Rp. 800.000/day, our discounted price 600.000/day.

Here is the list of most favorite Hotels in Tanjung Pinang :
Bintan Lagoon Resort (5 stars) Rp.1.500.000/day, our discounted price Rp. 1.400.000/day
Nirwana Garden Resort Hotel (4 stars) Rp. 1.250.000/day, our price Rp. 1.150.000/day
Angsana Bintan Lagoi (5 stars) Rp. 2.000.000/day, our price Rp. 1.750.000/day
Banyan Tree Hotel Bintan (5 stars) Rp. 4.750.000/day, our price Rp. 4.550.000/day
Nirwana Beach Club Bintan-Lagoi (3 stars) Rp. 800.000/day, our price 750.000/day
Indra Maya Villas (5 stars-excellence) Rp. 6.000.000/day, our price Rp. 5.550.000/day

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