Discount and cheap Hotels in Pangkal Pinang Sumatra

Pangkal Pinang (English means: "Louth") is the largest city on the island of Bangka, Sumatra, Indonesia and the capital of the province of Bangka-Belitung, Bangka, which located on the east coast of Bangka Island. The city is the largest producer area's of tin in Indonesia. This city landmark is: Timah (Tin) Museum, a Chinese temple, and Pasir Padi (sand rice) beach.

Here is a list of the cheapest hotels in Pangkalpinang:

Mitra Garden Hotel Pangkalpinang, price Rp. 375.000, our discounted price 300.000
Serrata Pangkalpinang Hotel, price Rp. 400.000, our discounted price Rp. 350.000
Hotel Bumi Asih Pangkalpinang, price Rp. 450.000, our discounted price Rp. 425.000
Red Dot Hotel Bangka, price 475.000, our discounted price Rp. 430.000
Hotel Tanjung Pesona Pangkalpinang Beach Resort (4 stars), price Rp. 500.000, our price Rp. 450.000.
Hotel Santika Bangka, price Rp. 550.000/night, our discounted price Rp. 515.000
Aston pangkalpinang Soll Marina, price Rp. 600.000/night, our price 515.000
Parai Beach Resort (4 stars), price Rp. 700.000, our discounted price Rp. 680.000
Novotel Bangka (golf and convention center) Jl. Sukarno Hatta Pangkalanbaru, price Rp. 850.000, our discounted price Rp. 825.000./night
Istana Hotel Bangka Pool Villas (4 stars), kawasan wisata terpadu pantai Parai Tenggiri, price Rp. 2.000.000, our very discounted price Rp. 1.925.000/night
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