Tenganan Traditional Village, Bali

Tenganan traditional village located in the eastern part of the island, through the by-pass towards Singaraja. The distance from Denpasar to this Tenganan village is approximately 2 hours drive by car. 
Distance From Ubud to Tenganan :
Tenganan village can also be reached from "Ubud", within the distance of about 1.5 hours drive. 
In front of the gate of the village we are greeted by the craftsmen who made ​​the art of painting on palm leaves, and some merchants that offer snacks and drinks. 
Exoticism of this Tenganan village can be seen from the building form, which is still using palm fiber for their roofs and wood as the main material, designed in old-rustic style. Communities in this place are preserving their traditional culture here. 
The site plan has been designed with terrace patterns. At the very top of the village, they placed pura, a worship place, because the top position is the most sacred place. Under the side of this pure, there is a courtyard which often used for flying kites. 
Next to this courtyard, there's a "bale", a place used for community gathering. Bale is built with stage and a basement, where they raise chickens or dogs. There're also buffalo and dogs near this courtyard. Buffalo and cow considered as sacred animal for Bali-Hinduism people. 
There is a large barn near the bale, a place to store the harvest. Next to this barn, there're some public facilities such as schools, with houses placed around the barn, facing inwards. These houses also serve as barrier / protectant against environment outside.

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