Night market in Ngarsopuro Solo, Surakarta

Ngarsopuro market, Solo. A paradise to hunt unique items, antiques and crafts. Urban elements improvement at the surrounding street area also increase the degree of visual of this area. This is the place to looking for antiques and unique crafts such as antique clocks, decorative lamps, porcelain/ ceramic and china VOC, masks, urns, and other interesting accessories, adding to its attractiveness of Ngarsopuro as an icon of Solo city

Since 2009 this area was transformed by Jokowi, the mayor of Surakarta, into an attractive place to visit. In rehabilitation, Triwindu antique market with ethnic building now changed its name to “windujenar” antique market. Diponegoro crossroad in front of Ngarsopuro became a very enjoyable place for pedestrians on the sidewalk to do several activities like chatting karen installed paving, seating and a variety of sculptures and paintings adorn the area. This area became an interesting place to visit because there is a night market that sells a variety of souvenir items. 
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