Thousand Island Coral Reef Dive-Pulau Seribu

Off-shore north from Jakarta's beach there are small islands called Kepulauan Seribu (the Thousand islands). They are part of the North Jakarta city government. As a tourist destination, Pulau Seribu is one of favorite destination for coral reef attraction besides Bunaken, Raja Ampat, and Karimunjawa. It has the misfortune to lie immediately offshore from a conurbation of 20 million people and the combined effects of land-based pollution and sedimentation are wreaking havoc in the fragile reef ecosystem of Jakarta Bay. Pulau Seribu (Thousand Islands) is made up of 110 islands scattered in a vertical group to the north of Jakarta in the Java Sea.

Many of the islands provide resort type accommodation and are a popular spot for divers living in Jakarta. Accommodation ranges from up-market international resorts to rustic bungalows on several islands. Most resort rates include the cost of boat travel and meals. The Dive possibilities are almost countless. Reefs surround many of the 110 islands and you can expect to find good coral growth and a variety of fish life including Turtles, Moray Eels, large Cuttlefish and Stingrays. There are well preserved wrecks accessible from several of the resorts.

  • Visibility: 5 meters to 25 meters depending on time of year, weather condition and currents
  • Fish: Good variety and numbers although small in size. Many species of rays, turtles, Moray Eel, large cuttlefish and lionfish are often seen.
  • Coral: Soft and hard coral growths on many reefs where commercial fishing is restricted.
  • Access: 45 min to 2 hrs by fast boat depending on location
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