Novotel Semarang Hotel, Indonesia

With its extensive experience, Novotel Hotel Semarang has developed real expertise in organizing meetings and hiring meeting rooms in Semarang. Facilities includes High-speed wireless Internet, presentation equipment, coordination of breaks, fully-equipped room.
Strategically located in the Central Business District , Novotel Semarang has 172 modern, comfortable rooms, including an executive floor and suites connected with free broadband Internet connection. Within the strategic location and parallel to a row of shopping complexes Duta Pertiwi (DP) Mall. It has a number of rooms 173 pieces. At Novotel Semarang, we can also enjoy Club 123, which is a pretty famous clubbing spot in Semarang. Citrus Lounge and Bar made ​​a choice to lot of favorite places for hang out or event, either to enjoy the live music (piano) by clubbers. Novotel Semarang equipped with a swimming pool, the small is not so big but still enjoyable for swimming. There is also a pool whirlpool for those who want to relax your body muscles due to routine work tense.
Novotel Semarang meeting rooms are equipped with sophisticated facilities designed to satisfy your business needs including Wifi in all public areas. Relax during your leisure or business trip, try our modern ,well equipped fitness center and swimming pool. For the Children, Novotel Dolfi Staff are here to look after and entertain them.
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Nearby attractions :
culinary service: Semawis (Chinese food), Kampung Laut (Seafood)
tourist attractions : Klenteng Sam Po Kong (Chinese Pagoda), Lawang Sewu (Colonial Building)
transportation : Tawang Station

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