Ramadhan Journey in Jogja and Solo

When the fasting month arrives in Indonesia, you will experience the most fascinating cullinary season all over the archipelago, especially those areas where moslems are abundant. 

As I visit two cities in Java this year, my main focus were not merely the food (we are still fasting the during the day) so I also visited old mosques and cemetery complex, notedly the area of Kota Gede. As shown bellow the old Mosque in Kota Gede is still very simple compared to the one near Alun-alun Utara (north piazza of Jogja).

Anyways... during the afternoon, food stalls at Kauman area will be livid (the word derived from the word Kaum; people who are responsible to take care of the Mosque). There you will find food stalls of varieties of food, from snacks, light dinner, dinner, juices and my favorite: Iced Kopyor (a variety of coconut) with brown sugar syrup. Mmm... These are off course mostly packed to be taken home, since it is the normal gesture to honor those who are fasting.

The next day I went to Solo to fulfill my urged to taste the city's specialty, but after I taste the a Marrocan delicacy: Roasted Lamb with Wedang Jahe (Ginger Tea). The area is a nice pedestrian with umbrelas, near the city centre, just on the side of the court wall (Beteng) Jalan Galabo, today the building in front of it is called PGS (Pusat Grosir Solo).

After that, the closing was a very delicious Nasi Liwet treat at Wongso Lemu completed harmonious with traditional music. A perfect night with full stomach and happy heart.
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