Kampung Laut; Romantic Place in Semarang

As the place it self is hidden far away from the crowded and jubilant city of Semarang, Central Java, one could easily rest and relax with the warm and gentle breeze from the Sea. We could see the open vast Sea that connect the strait between Java to Borneo.

The food was great, also the selection of traditional and refreshing drinks. Fine selection of seafood cuisines, delicate in taste, also good vegetarian foods. The water spinach dish is highly recommended. Whether it is a romantic dinner or a family gathering, the place could accommodate both ambiances.

What is more to it, the architecture of the compound also is eclectic. It has the tendency to use traditional thatched roofs ad stilt structures, combined with wood works meticulously which enhance the beauty of the space. During night time, the lights from the lighted torches also illuminate a fantastic cozy atmosphere. So, it is a highly recommended place for a dinner by the Sea ;)

Kampung Laut Restaurant
Kompleks Puri Maerokoco - PRPP Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

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