traditional massage panti pijat in semarang

As one of convention city in Indonesia, Semarang has a lot of diverse range of hospitality service you can choose in Semarang, from traditional massage, spa, and modern massage. Here is the complete list of traditional massage (pijat) in Semarang, completed with address.
BOUGENVILLE, nearest hotel : Muria Hotel, published price 250.000, our price 225.000Jl. Ruko Dargo Plaza B-18(024) 3547287
ENGGAR SERIUS, see Muria HotelJl. Pertokoan Pemuda A-16(024) 3559234
FAJAR, nearest hotel: Amaris Semarang, published price 375.000, our price 325.000Jl. Komp. Siliwangi Plaza B-17(024) 7605612
FLAMBOYAN, see Muria HotelJl. Komp. Pertokoan Jurnatan A-33(024) 3544042
GRIYA SHIATSU, nearest hotel : Hotel Siliwangi, published price 375.000, our price 325.000,-Jl. Ruko Siliwangi Plaza E-8(024) 7605738
JARI LEMBUT, see Dalu HotelJl. Brigjen Sudiarto 299-B(024) 6711096
LANGEN HASTA, nearest Hotel Surya, published rate 300.000, our price 275.000Jl. Imam Bonjol No.61(024) 3545261
MADUSARI, see hotel SuryaJl. Imam Bonjol No.95 B-2(024) 3556630
MAYANGSARI, see hotel SiliwangiJl. Ruko Siliwangi Plaza B-3(024) 7604025
nearest hotel : Dalu Hotel, published price 400.000, our price 350.000,-
Jl. Majapahit No.64(024) 6715296
SARI, see Dalu HotelJl. Brigjen Sudiarto 228(024) 6712553
SCORPIO, see Dalu HotelJl. Brigjen Sudiarto 377-A(024) 6720052
SEHAT, see Dalu HotelJl. Sukarno - Hatta No.4(024)
TARUNI, see hotel SiliwangiJl. Siliwangi No.472(024) 7601540
TOPAZJl. Kenari I / 5(024) 3546449 / 3540396
WIJAYA KUSUMA, see Dalu HotelJl. Kedungmundu Raya No.174(024) 6705140
MITRA SHIATSU, see Dalu HotelJl. Citarum Tangah E-2(024)
SAMPURNA, see Muria HotelJl. Ruko Dargo(024)


Nearby attractions :
culinary service: Semawis (Chinese food), Kampung Laut (Seafood)
tourist attractions : Klenteng Sam Po Kong (Chinese Pagoda), Lawang Sewu (Colonial Building)
transportation : Tawang Station

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