Tawang Railway Station, history behind it's beauty


The development of Tawang Railway Station marked with ceremonial ground soil by the Governor-General, Mr. Baron Sloet van de Beele, along with the establishment of the railway system, 16 June 1864. wich connecting Semarang - Yogyakarta - Solo. Tawang Railway Station was designed by J.P de Bordes, Netherland

There were only few changes were made on this station, especially on the facade. Until now Tawang Station is still well maintained by PT. Kereta Api Indonesia. There are field in front of the station Tawang (now it became a polder to accomodate the rain water in the surrounding area) also has a high historical value that is as open space from the city long used as a place of the ceremony, sports, and so on.

There are the visual axis connecting the station with the Catholic Church (Blenduk). So that the role of this station in the formation of the image of the area is very important and is able to increase the value of the area. Unique architecture, with Indische architectural characteristics on material element to the wall pattern and color make this building beaceme very aesthetic. From the point of the city landscape, Tawang Station makes the better quality and potential for the open space in the surrounding area.

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