Babad Kampung

As the opening ceremony started in 13th of June 2008, Kampung Chronicles (Babad Kampung) in Jogjakarta still in on going festival throughout July 6 - August 3. Nine kampongs (villages) will take part in the so-called `babad kampung` (chronicle of village) program. The nine kampongs are Tukangan, Kricak Kidul, Pandean, Samirono, Mergangsan Kidul, Suryowijayan, Minggiran, Dolahan and Pajeksan. This event is a unique approach on how the urban people of Jogja is aware of their own identity.

Yes, you've heard of Jogja's famous Malioboro street or you may have been visiting our old temples such as Borobudur and Prambanan, also probably the Keraton complex owned by the Sultan, but you've never experienced the real urban life before you visit and be a part of its Kampungs.

This Kampungs inhabit inner city and some of them lay on Code's riverside. They are but organically grown Kampung that has been around as long as Jogja's existence. We believe that the future of Indonesian society and identity still lays with the Kampung society. Therefore, come and visit us here at our Kampungs, we are more than welcome to meet and greet you all.